Heavy Duty Wash Kit

Regular price $89.95

Perfect Choice For Mobile Car Wash


  • (1) 10" Car Wash Mitt
  • (1) 32 oz Foam Gun
  • (1) Car Wash Bucket with Grit Guard
  • (2) Great Drying Towel
  • (1) Gallon Soapy Wash
  • (1) Gallon Citrus Wash


The best way to maintain your vehicle's exterior appearance is washing your car frequently. The foam gun don’t require pressure washer, just connect to garden hose, and it will easily give your car a luxury foam bath. With the foam gun, it can easily produce thick mounds of foam, effortlessly glide your wash mitt over paint work. With these combination save money, space, and effort. The safest wash with minimal investment. Fun and enjoyable car wash experience. The citrus wash can make sure the heavy duty able to clean off from your car.
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