CarWashCloth Wheel Cleaning Kit

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CarWashCloth Wheel Cleaning Kit


(1) Cirtrus Wash
(1) 18" Wheel Brush
(1) 9" Short handle Soft Brush



Washing your wheels just got simpler! CarWashCloth's Wheel Cleaning Kit brakes dust down quick and matched up with our most recent wheel brush is the best wheel cleaning arrangement you've at any point experienced. Separating and disolving those difficult metallic particles and brake dust that are heated onto your wheels. When CarWashCloth's Wheel Cleaning Kit has started to deal with the break dust straightforward break the soils bond with your wheel by delicately fomenting with our excessively delicate wheel brush. The ultra fine, split fiber is delicate on even the most sensitive wheels, yet at the same time sufficiently able to give you the cleaning power you need. 

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