CarWashCloth Waterless Kit

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 CarWashCloth Waterless Kit


(1) Eco Evolve Waterless Car Wash-8oz
(2) 16"x16". Microfiber Supreme Towel 500 GSM



Our exceedingly thought eco-accommodating response to cleaning while at the same time lessening waste water enables you to clean your vehicle essentially anyplace without the requirement for running water.

Your vehicle doesn't generally require a full shower with cleanser and water. Light surface residue, fingerprints, or other minor surface tainting can be effectively and securely evacuated utilizing CarWashCloth's Waterless Kit. It spares water and it's snappier than a customary wash also! It additionally draws out your wax or sealant life by utilizing a less intrusive technique to clean, it can likewise be utilized in direct daylight.

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