CarWashCloth Daily Driver Detail Kit

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CarWashCloth Daily Driver Detail Kit


(1) 11"x8" Wash Mitt
(1) Soapy Wash 8oz
(1) 16"x16"Microfiber Basic Towel (Different color)
(1) Spray dredssing, 8oz
(1) Clay Bar Aggressive 3 pcs
(1) 22"x12"x24" Mop Bucket with Wheels & Dirt Filter 30 (7 Gallons) Yellow
(1) 9" Short handle Soft Brush
(1) 18" Long handle soft wash brush
(1) Eco Evolve Waterless Car Wash-8oz




CarWashCloth's Daily Driver Detail Kit has the ideal apparatuses to deal with any vehicle. The Daily Driver Detail Kit gives the apparatuses to play out a quality detail in a proficient way.


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