Dirt Filter 26cm for 2.5-7 Gallon Bucket Black | CarWashCloth

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Product Highlights

  • 192 filter holes, easy to filter, not afraid of clogging.
  • The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so wash water stays clean.
  • Can effectively isolate sand and stone during the process of car washing.
  • New environmental protection PP material, high impact resistance, strength and toughness, acid alkali resistance.
  • The Grit Guard is a real paint-saver and has a number of other uses, too.
  •  Also use to clean automotive parts or drain your oil filter.



The Grit Guards radial grid surface works by scraping dirt out of your mitt or sponge as four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard calm the wash water and hold the grid at the bottom of the bucket.
The surface radial design of sand and gravel isolation network will extract particles from your car wash gloves, such as dust, sand and dirt, from providing a clean, scratch free car wash gloves, so that your car's paint will not have spiral lines and scratches.



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