Horse Hair Brush 2.5″ x 6″ with 1.25″ Dark Brown Bristles Black | CarWashCloth

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  • Pony hair bristles

  • Composite plastics oppose cleaners and degreasers

  • Etched plastic handle

  • Ideal for cleaning soil and foulness from convertible tops, cowhide seats and frill, shoes, boots, clothing, and the sky is the limit from there


Fine grain cowhide upholstery and texture convertible finish lose their shine once dirty with soil, oil, or grime. Utilize the delicate pinch of premium long-trim authentic horsehair to scour, upset, and expel affronting contaminants from any fine upholstery inside or outside the vehicle. Genuine horsehair is eminent for its delicate touch with extreme cleaning power. The delicate hairs clean and separate stains and slacken soil and grime, however, are sufficiently delicate to not harm any touchy surfaces. The etched plastic handle is framed for incredible cleaning power with each stroke and made with a strong compound from safe composite plastics.



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